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We value your time. You need no more than 15 seconds to purchase Bitcoins in bitello.pl ATM. Our Bitcoin ATM is the fastest you can currently get. Forget days of waiting for your funds to arive on exchange’s account. Buy Bitcoins instantly!


We respct your privacy. We don’t collect or process any of your personal data. You won’t have to send your ID to untrusted places never again.


At bitello.pl you legally buy Bitcoins from a registered company. Gone are transactions with strangers, where you exchange cash for Bitcoins in unsafe places.



The ATM’s interface is so easy to grasp, that you’ll wonder why traditional ATM’s can’t work like that.


When your banknote lands in the ATM, you can be 100% sure, that in a moment the equivalent in Bitcoins will arrive on your Bitcoin wallet. You won’t have to worry about your funds reaching the exchange never again..


For your convenience, the ATM is open for business 7 days a week in a premium localisation. More details on that are coming soon.

About us


Bitello.pl is a Polish startup, founded by two young enterpreneurs sharing a passion for Bitcoin. We believe that we’re witnessing a history in the making, a history of technology that has a potential to change the way we see and use our money. Our mission is to provide a fast, easy and safe way to access Bitcoin. With heads full of ideas and plans of country wide expansion we start with a Bitcoin ATM in the heart of Wroclaw, also known as Polish IT capital. We also intent to educate local community and actively promote the knowledge about benefits that digital currencies can bring to us in everyday use.



Co-founder, Chief Legal Officer

Anna holds a Master of Law from University of Wroclaw and currenty is making her legal counsellor apprenticeship. She specialises in civil and commerical law and in bitello.pl she’s responsible for aligning company’s business with local tax and law system. In the meantime she tracks developments in blockchain based solutions such as Ethereum. Apart from work Anna is a happy mum of a 3 years old daughter, and in her free time she loves to read some good thriller and dance in latinoamerican style.



Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Ludwik is an IT consultant with 6 years of experience in Software Quality Assurance. Previously he also had a chance to be a part of the e-sports scene as a gamer, WCG referee and a team manager. His passion for fast computer hardware and libertarian beliefs made him a Bitcoin early adopter. In bitello.pl Ludwik is responsible for business ideas and technical implementation of those ideas. He’s always on track with news from cryptocurrency world. Apart from bitello.pl Ludwik is also collaborating with Tequila Games, creators of an innovative card battler – Earthcore: Shattered Elements. In his free time Ludwik likes to spend lazy weekends with his lovely wife and daughter, he also likes to swim, and from time to time he enjoys some multiplayer racing or FPS game.


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  • Adress: Wroclaw - coming soon in a new place
  • Phone: +48 533 343 663
  • e-mail:

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